How Bottom Navigation Can Be A Good Way To Begin With Mobile App Ux Design?


Mobile app designing is beyond making the app look good. It is about how users will be engaged with the features and the products of the app. The flow of app designing should be similar to conversation and navigation is conversation in the world of mobile app. Navigation is the key element for making users understand what you offer in your app or a website. A good navigation can take users to the right location for things they are looking for and a bad navigation can absolutely ruin all your efforts, you ever made in Your app.

Why is bottom navigation so important?

According to the study conducted by Steven Hoober on mobile device usage, he found over 49% people used their thumb for working on their phones. The diagram mentioned below is the read chart, where colours indicate the area where the thumb can reach easily for interaction The green area indicate users can reach easily, yellow which needs stretch and red the area which requires users to change their hand posture for using the screen.

This study indicates that a very vital aspect of an app which is placing important app feature at the bottom of the app. Experts from iphone ux design agencies also holds the similar view that it is important to place the top features and frequently used actions at the bottom Of the screen, as users are more comfortable in reaching their with one thumb.

Many apps are successfully practicing this rule and use bottom navigation for the important feature of their app to get easily accessed by users.

3 most crucial elements in bottom navigation design:

When it is about bottom navigation, the most crucial feature of an app should be highlighted. While designing for bottom navigation, do not forget to follow these rules:

1. Show only important destination

According to android ux/ui design experts, consider using three to five top level destinations in bottom navigation. If it is less than three then consider using tabs. It also vital for designers for not using more than five destination in bottom navigation as the tabs Will be too much nearer and will look cluttered. Placing too many tabs in a confined space would make it difficult for people to operate and each additional tab, the complexity of the app also increases.

Avoiding scrollable content

In terms of small screen, partial hidden navigation is the only wayout. You should not get worried about the limited screen and instead place the navigation option in the scrollable tab. But here a point to remember is, scrollable contents are less efficient as the users Need to scroll once before seeing any option available on the screen.

2. Communicating the current location

The most turning off factor in an app is one users cannot identify where they are in the app. A good navigation system within the app should be adequate enough to make users realize where they are. The navigation within the app should allow users to easily move From A to B based on first glance and without any support. Consider using proper visual cues like icons, colour, label to make navigation meaningful.

3. Make navigation self evident

A good navigation system acts as a supporting hand for users which help them move within the app. Any content is useful without users reaching it, therefore, navigation is highly crucial.

Behaviour : Each navigation icon should lead to targeted destination and may not open popups and menus.

Consistency : Display the same tab in all pages opened in the app to ensure consistency and stability.

Takeaway :

A bottom navigation should be:

  • Clearly visible and well structured
  • Clear: The elements should be easily scanned
  • Simple: Each tab should directly lead to destination.

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