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Here I am again! Remember my review of EXO's first album XOXO ?

Well they have finished with their promotion of Wolf and has just released a repackage album!

On top of the songs from XOXO album, they have added another 3 new songs for the repackage,

" Growl ", " XOXO " and " Lucky ".

Undoubtedly my favourite so far is " Growl ". 

It mixs R&B and electronic beat together, 

making the song funky yet addictive, even reminds me a bit of Justin Timberlake's " Sexy Back".


It has a simple and clear concept of a man growling,

showing strong desire as well as ownership to his woman.

The song comes in both Chinese and Korean version, as it used to be.

Nomally I favor Korean version more, 

but this time, I would say that I fell in love with the Chinese version more,

as the lyrics goes perfectly in sync with the melody and even describe the "story" in a better way!


The choreography is eye-catching as it perfectly split Exo into two groups, as usual,

yet having links and interaction between them,

making the presence of all 12 members a must for the performance.

Another highlight is the dance break during the rapper's solo.

Just take a look at the sneak peek above, can you feel why am I amazed by it?


The music video is an epic one too!

The production team takes risks by making it a one-shot dance video without any changing of settings or costumes.

And yet the MV is not boring at all!

Using the 360 degree shooting style, audiences will feel like they are in the middle of the stage 

and Exo members are performing around them.

It is quite an unique and brand new way of shooting, and I absolutely love it!

A little word before you watch the video linked below,

Be careful, cause you are in danger of falling in love with this song!



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