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Texas Burger, is comparably a late-entry of Burger World in Hong Kong, a little similar to Burgerman, it tends to be normal and closer to the public consumers. Well, I was very impressed after my first visit there; to my understanding, their foods are more than 'normal'; Texas, is a worthy one to try!

Texas BBQ Burger $83
(6oz beef patty, baked crispy bacon, deep-fried onion ring, lettuce, cheddar cheese, signature smoked Jalapeno BBQ sauce)

Bird Eye Chicken Burger $69
(Chicken breast marinated in Bird-Eye chilli sauce, cucumber, roasted capsicums, deep-fried onion ring, roasted poppyseed bun)

The whole shop is rounded in red, which gives a typical South American feel. Don't expect a super cozy, comfortably spacious dining environment there, because it's just following the typical spirits of Fast-Food Culture :)

Burgers covers almost all the general meat family (beef, chicken and pork), of course vegetarians don't need to worry there either. We were going for the 'top' burger named the same as the shop, Texas, and my friend was more interested to try chicken one as well. To our surprise, we were told with some upgraded burger combo choices which just needs only 1/3 dollars (compared to the original price) for beverages, and even including milk shake!

Actually you don't even need to order extra snacks (if you are not titled by 'big stomach'), because all burgers are served as combo one (inl. French Fries, Mustard Pickles and Citrus Slaw). It's definitely a massive set!

Texas Burger, is massively awesome! Quality burger bread, rich taste in a combination of beef and bacon (only bacon was over-done) to fill up the whole mouth and to give a satisfaction of chewing experience; vegetable-juicy from the fresh greens and I really liked the deep-fried onion (huge one) on the top, very 'fast-food' while inputting a hint of onion-sweet.

Bird Eye, was slightly different. It's drier in taste from the changed burger bread, and the way how they made the chicken.

(Left) Berry Lover $49 
(Strawberry ice-cream, raspberry, blue berry, whipping cream, fresh berries)

(Right) Tropical Forest $43
(Guava, mango, passion fruit, lime ice-cream, sliced pineapple)

Mozzarella Sticks with Italian marinara dip $43

Besides burgers, the cheese stick with homemade potato dip with a secret taste of spicy was also impressive. They were full of cheesy and herb aroma, and I appreciated a lot to the crispy and paper-thin stick skin.

Actually we started our dinner that night with their milk shakes, which was nothing fatter than them. The taste, however, I had to say it's one of the best I have tried among the same priced level. You could taste the natural ingredients, nothing too artificially sweet, sour, fruity; the ones they gave to you was just naturally refreshing, and we could not stop :P

* Average $150 per head (no service charge)

Texas Burger

G/F, 109 Electric Road
Tin Hau
Hong Kong

+852 2576 9011 / +852 2805 7811

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