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Eclipse Group has new opening recently in Soho Gourmet area, still in their signature U.S. style, this time what they are playing is Southern American BBQ and craft beers. Having a causal walk in Soho area, you will be so surprised by the fast switching of restos there, and this sharp orange color restaurant is just there, with a complete opening bar design, typical bar/pub design; I love the way to enter into the restaurant directly through the wall area instead of door (is that called 'side-door' ?!)

BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Smoked Pulled Organic Chicken Sandwich

Featured by 'Southern-style BBQ' concept, the restaurant introduced Tennessee imported smoke oven for the simple smoked main dishes (sandwiches & burgers), just in beef/ pork/ chicken three types. Following the 'Southern soul', the ribs and burger/sandwich meats are slow smoked in low temperature to keep the softness and tenderness.

The ribs are their featured item in shop, which deserves the fame! It's a combination of perfect selection of good & huge rib (very meaty and good potion of fat); perfect dressing by the special BBQ sauce in a balance of sourness & sweetness, stickiness & moist; perfect processing by the smokey oven to stay tender, meaty, chewy and "get-rid-of bones spontaneously".


Winter special (need to check with staff there): Hot Cider

Imported and HK-produced craft beers, are another highlight in restaurant, which are a must-item for happy hour, special sports seasons with 3 large TVs, and meaty-meaty dishes. The restaurant are still trying and refreshing their available beer list which might come from England, New Zealand, etc; among those beers, one is specially from a HK-based producer, Fat Rooster Brewing Co.

To pair the coming Xmas and New Year, we found the restaurant even preparing the hot drink! HOT Cider, which is made by staff freshly. Not too much cider taste in fact, but more cinnamon flavor, while I like it a lot to warm me up upon my arrival.

A perfect welcome drink :) 

Sides: Beans, Garlic & Cheese Fried Potato

Chocolate Cake

I would not be surprised by their quality-side dishes and sweets after being satisfied by their meaty bites. Among those, I really appreciate and recommend the beans with an intensive taste of tomato sauce and being rich in a mixture flavor of beans and bacons.

To that chocolate cake, not fancy presentation, nothing too special, but just chocolate enough, moisture in a right level, and everything find as an American standard  - that means very fatty but yummy and satisfied 


Smokey Joe's
BBQ Shack & Beer Bar

38 Elgin Street (Soho)
Hong Kong

+852 2530 5885

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