Sat at Stanley…

標籤: 休閒生活 

I like walking around the city alone. You can feel the city without any gossips and rumours. Of course there are lots of beautiful places in Hong Kong that have been hidden under those high buildings and hotels for ages. The place I like most to spend my Sunday afternoon is the southern part of Hong Kong Island. (Well yeah… there are always lots of tourists… Always!) But the atmosphere makes me feel “out of Hong Kong”. Or made me reminisce those days I was studying in Scot. I chose Stanley this time. Certainly, for such a special office lady like me, I bypassed the “key points” like Murray House and Blake Pier. And discovered some different angles of Stanley.

The clear water and the blue sky are really rare in Hong Kong. I am really lucky because I can see them clearly today!


The sunset in Stanley. Well… This photo should be perfect without the reflection of my phone… XD

A cup of hot Mochaccino is a piece of my memory. I drank Mocha every afternoon when I was in Scot. The main reason is I do not like the taste of caffeine. But there is caffeine in Mocha, as well…

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